Sunbomb - Light Up the Sky

Sunbomb – Light Up the Sky (Album Review)

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In recent history there have been many different well-known Rock-n-Roll names joining forces for new, unique projects. Rattling off a few, you have Revolution Saints (initially including Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Deen Castronovo of Journey , and Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake and Dio), KXM (with Korn Drummer Ray Luzier, King’s X Bassist/Vocalist dUg Pinnick and Lynch Mob/ex-Dokken Guitarist George Lynch), Black Swan (featuring Vocalist Robin McAuley known for McAuley Schenker Group, Guitarist Reb Beach of Winger and Whitesnake, Foreigner and ex-Dokken Bassist Jeff Pilson, and Drummer Matt Starr), among many others.

Truly an exciting time for fans of melodic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, let us not forget that L.A. Gun’s own Tracii Guns and Stryper’s Michael Sweet have also thrown their hat in the ring. First off, Guns has kept extremely busy; leading on the exceptional L.A. Guns’ album Black Diamonds, plus introducing his more Classic Rock band Blackbird Angels (with Todd Kerns), all in 2023 alone. This is while Sweet has been anything about a slouch outside Stryper; teaming with George Lynch for the second Sweet & Lynch album Heart & Sacrifice in 2023, before making a massive impression with Soledriver’s debut (with Alessandro Del Vecchio), Return Me to Light.

So much to consume, in case you are still not up to snuff on everything happening, it should also be noted that amidst the creative whirlwind, Guns and Sweet’s paths have also crossed over the past 5-6 years with the formation of Sunbomb. What exactly is Sunbomb? Well, Sunbomb initially was teased back in 2019 as a new project that promised to fit in comfortably with some of the best sounding ‘80s Metal. Immediately grabbing your attention, it was then in 2021 Sunbomb delivered on that promise with the debut album Evil and Divine. A very solid collection of songs that combines some great guitar riffs with powerful vocals, clearly Sunbomb was not just a one-off, because they are back in 2024 with a brand-new album.

Entitled Light Up the Sky, and set for release through Frontiers Music s.r.l. on June 28th, Sunbomb’s newest entry follows a very similar path as its predecessor. Heavy, the music is a bit darker and more doom laden than anything you may have heard done before by both Guns and Sweet. That being said, it also finds grooves in every nook and cranky that allows these two leading forces a chance to show off some major skills. 

In the case of Guns, he gets to expand on his guitar resume with some really diverse tones, riffs that are thick and fierce, along with dishing out some choice solos. This is while Sweet gets to get rough and tough in sections, while reaching high with some stellar exhilarating Metal screeches in others. Joining them, and rounding out the band, is the tight drumming of L.A. Guns’ own Adam Hamilton, plus bass work from Mitch Davis.

Quite a fitting grouping, the songs on Light up the Sky themselves dip deeply into the well with mood shifts that make it ooze Classic Heavy Metal. A total of eleven songs, you are punched in the gut with songs like “Unbreakable,” “Steel Hearts,” and “Beyond The Odds,” but also taken down a dimmer trail on the Doom Metal leanings of “In Grace We’ll Find Our Name,” or “Rewind.” Then you get the haunting textures of “Light Up The Sky” and “Reclaim The Light,” both which have classic Dio written all over their DNA. 

Overall, if you enjoyed Sunbomb’s Evil and Divine, you will love Light Up the Sky. This album takes what their first album did and runs with it deeper down a rabbit hole that you will not want to climb out of. Classic Heavy Metal the way it is meant to be, Cryptic Rock gives Sunbomb’s Light Up the Sky 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sunbomb - Light Up the Sky album
Sunbomb – Light Up the Sky / Frontiners music s.r.l. (2024)

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