Supernatural Girls Who Won’t Leave You Alone!

supernatural girls - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

Supernatural Girls Who Won’t Leave You Alone!

There is nothing more frightening than being haunted by a ghost, especially a vengeful one. Well, maybe getting chased by a serial killer hell bent on killing you, or a red-haired toy, or zombies – lots and lots of zombies. Depending on personal fears, let’s focus on ghosts, everyone’s favorite uninvited guests; they really suck the fun out of old and abandoned houses.

Keeping this haunted house tradition alive, pun intended, Ghost of New Orleans is set for release in theaters, VOD, and digital HD everywhere on February 17th via SP Releasing. The new film features Josh Lucas (Youth in Oregon 2016, Poseidon 2006) as disgraced Detective Ben Chaney as he investigates the murder of Cellist Corey Little, portrayed by Lake Bell (No Escape 2015, Wet Hot American Summer: First day of Camp 2015), which leads him to have a series of paranormal encounters. While all this is happening, all fingers seem to be pointing at the always flamboyant, Drag Hammerman, played by Terrence Howard (Empire series, Hustle and Flow 2005). Will Detective Chaney solve the case and regain his reputation? Who killed Corey Little? Find out when the film is released.

In honor of the forthcoming release and Valentine’s Day, consider this short list of female ghosts that literally ruined your life:

The Ring’s Samara/Sadaku –

The Ring Samara 590 - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

The Ring (2002) still

What worse than, “accidentally,” watching a video that will be the death of you in a week’s time? Having the utterly horrifying Samara, or Sadaku, in the original 1998 Japanese Ringu, spend that entire week reminding you of your ultimate death. Samara is very much a realistically creepy version of the Grim Reaper that one has come to love so fondly.

Apart from her creepiness, she makes a mess of wherever you are, so just have rags and towels around you at all time, because she will get your whole apartment wet as she comes out of your TV. Wait, you know what, you’ll probably be dead not long after, so just forget about the towels, enjoy the time with Samara. Samara was played by Daveigh Chase (American Romance 2016, Donnie Darko 2001) in The Ring and The Ring Two (2002, 2005).

The Grudge’s Kayako Saeki

grudge - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

The Grudge (2004) still

The Japanese malevolent spirit, Kayako, has made quite the name for herself within the last 18 years. She has taken a taken control of ton of lives, consuming them with great rage, right before taking their lives and starting the process over with another victim, making her one of the scariest and most powerful spirits in this list. Truly a terrifying thing, to realize, internally, that you have no control of your body and that nothing you try to do will stop the anger from rising and your eventual death.

Played by Takako Fuji (Princess Mononoke 1997, Ghost in the Shell 2: Ghost Whisper 2013), she helped make Kayako the legend that she is now with playing her in 6 films including the first two American Grudge films. Sadly, she did play Kayako in her fight against Sadaku in last year’s Sadako v Kayako, a Shudder exclusive.

Darkness Falls’ Matilda Dixon –

darkness falls - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

Darkness Falls (2003) still

Well, at least we can not possibly be afraid of the Tooth Fairy, is what everyone said before they watched 2003’s Darkness Falls. Horror is just so great at making the things we love, or at least, such innocent things, and making them ruin our lives.

One -hundred and fifty years after being blamed for the death of two kids from her town, considered a witch, and ultimately burnt at the stake, not before putting a curse on the town, saying that she will continue to be the Tooth Fairy but will kill any child that looks at her directly, she comes back to collect a young Kyle Walsh’s tooth, but he accidentally wakes up and looks at her, she immediately tries to kill him, but ultimately kills his mother. Twelve years later, he comes back to town to finish things. Not only does this movie absolutely destroy the innocence of the Tooth Fairy, but also reinforces the fear of the dark. Thanks, Matilda.

Stir of Echoes’ Samantha – 

Stir of Echoes - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

Stir of Echoes (1999) still

There are things that are okay to do at parties, like telling embarrassing stories about how you fell flat on you face in the funniest way possible, or hell, even not being able to hold your drinks in, that will make for a great story when you wake up the next morning. However, what you should not do is mix alcohol with dangerous dares. What kind of dares? Well, the dares that involve one getting hypnotized into seeing the ghost of a murdered girl, and the only way to get her to stop is to slowly let her into your psyche and you go completely insane and try to find out what really happened to her.

The thing is, that the closer you are to finding out what happened, the more peril your family will be in. So, lesson learned, do not ever be hypnotized when alcohol is involved. Samantha is portrayed by the beautiful Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time 2011, Star Trek Into Darkness 2013).

Shutter’s Natre –

Natre shutter - Supernatural Girls Who Won't Leave You Alone!

Shutter (2004) still

Don’t you hate it when you run someone over after a night of drinking and partying with your significant other? Such a drag. Hopefully you helped the person in question, because if you did not, well, she would just haunt you in photographs until she gets her hands on you. Which is exactly what happened in 2004’s Thai film Shutter. There is nothing scarier than being able to see the source of your eventual death follow you in pictures of you in your everyday life.

So, there you have it, a list of female ghosts that will most likely ruin your life. Are there any that were missed? Have any more ideas? Comment some of your favorite female ghosts below in the comment section, and do not forget to watch Ghost of New Orleans in theaters, on VOD, and Digital HD as of February 17th. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your obsessive ghost!

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