Surrender The Fall – Burn In The Spotlight (Album Review)

surrender inside - Surrender The Fall - Burn In The Spotlight (Album Review)

Surrender The Fall – Burn In The Spotlight (Album Review)

surrender t588 - Surrender The Fall - Burn In The Spotlight (Album Review)

Memphis Tennessee Rockers known as Surrender the Fall formed in 2005 and they are comprised of the band members Jared Cole (Vocals), Devin Hightower (Bassist), Anthony Pitts (Guitarist), Eddie Tyre (Guitarist), and Rick Anderson (Drummer). This is one hot rock band with tracks that will not only melt your face but the paint off of your walls as well. The band released their debut album in October 2012 called Burn In The Spotlight.

The first track off of the band’s debut album is called “Everything You Want Me To Be” and it is a great way to kick off any debut album for any hard rock band. It is a very cutting edge song that hits you right in the face as soon as it starts all the way to the end. “Love Hate Masquerade” is not only the second track off of the album but it is also the bands current single that is making its way through the radio airwaves. This song has some amazing guitar rhythm work throughout its entirety as well as having some killer vocals from Jared Cole. What’s great about this song is that it also features some amazing chorus lines from the rest of the band members as well, and with this song they’re all delivered with hard hitting ferocity. Such a great song, one that people will never get sick or tired of hearing. The next song off of the record is entitled “Bleed”, this song delivers a ton of emotion that shows a ton of heart and passion in this track. This track shows that the band is not afraid to deliver a ton of gutsy emotional song writing and that they also possess some very crafty writing techniques. This track will certainly get anyone up off of their feet and have them rocking in no time.

“Deeper Inside” shows that this band can deliver their southern rock roots into their repertoire of song writing. The great thing about this track is that it is not only catchy the moment you start to listen to it,  you also sense an element that shows that this band has what it takes to deliver great rock music. This is a very great and solid southern rock song that people will undoubtedly love. The track following takes things down a notch in its very beginning but then kicks it up a few notches. The track is called “Some Kind Of Perfect”; as soon as you listen to this song you can certainly tell that this song hits close to home for one of the members of the band, from a personal relationship stand point. Once again this band takes some great lengths into showing that they are not afraid in showing how edgy they can get with their multi layered vocals and sound. It is a very great and solid track. “I Don’t Wanna Know” takes things back to an 80’s setting with a ton of great classic rock qualities that everyone will certainly love. What is great about this track is that the band decides to incorporate and step back from the use of electric guitars and uses an acoustic guitar throughout the entire song. Even though the band decides to use an acoustic guitar in this song, it speaks a very loud volume that will resonate on many great levels.

“Pitiful” is the next track to follow and it yet again incorporates an 80’s music sound to it to start it off and then kicks into high gear. It is also one of the darker tracks off of the record but works great. This track also has a ton of complex vocals and sounds to it as well but this band makes it work perfectly, almost seeming effortless. “Undesigned” is one of the best tracks off of the record and what could be one of the major highlights on this record. This is a killer piece of music with just an amazing set up of vocals and sounds throughout its entirety. The track to follow is entitled “40&12” and it is one of the more soulful tracks on the record. This is yet another track that you can certainly tell is from the heart about a personal experience. The vocal range that Jared Cole uses on this track is simply phenomenal and will ultimately leave the listener speechless by the end of the track. “Nothing” takes things and kicks things into high gear motion. This track has some of the best guitar riffs as well as drumming solos on the entire record. A very killer track that will most certainly get people up and off their feet and ready to rock wherever they might be when they listen to this track. “Where You Belong” is another edgy track on this record and it is the second to the last track. With this track you can certainly tell that the band is ready to take the music world with their passion, energy, and excitement. They certainly “take the bull by the horns” if you will in this track. It’s a great track with its edgy lyrics, and sound that will undoubtedly become a huge fan favorite. The last track on this record is called “Into The Headlights” which is such a great closing song for this band. With this track you can no doubt tell that this band is ready to go the distance in the music world and do whatever it takes to make it big.

Burn In The Spotlight is an outstanding record that fans of “Surrender The Fall” long time and new coming fans will certainly love. Surrender The Fall took a few risks with this record with their unique sound and technique that was used to make this record but they have certainly shattered any low expectations by critics with this record. This band has certainly broken the mold and lay waste to anyone that says that they cannot make it in the record industry. The record certainly shows that they have what it takes to make it in the music world and it will certainly no doubt appease any and all fans of rock music that are looking to pick up a great solid rock record. Surrender The Fall has certainly worked hard to produce this record and it shows. There is no doubt that this record will become a favorite among many fans of great solid rock music. Cryptic Rock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars!

surrender article - Surrender The Fall - Burn In The Spotlight (Album Review)Written by Lee Letarte Jr

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