Sworn In – All Smiles (Album Review)

Sworn In – All Smiles (Album Review)

Originating from Chicago, IL, Sworn In are a 4-piece band that offer music that is raw, honest, and often chaotic. Together since 2011, the band has toured the world, released two chart peaking albums, and now return on June 30, 2017 with All Smiles. Their third overall full-length album, and first with Fearless Records, All Smiles showcases a band that are just at the apex of their career. 

In regards to the work behind All Smiles, Sworn In withdrew their presence from the music scene for a short two year period, holed up in their studio behind the scenes following touring in support of 2015’s The Lovers/The Devil. Together, Tyler Dennen (vocals), Eugene Kamlyuk (guitar), Derek Bolman (bass), and Christopher George (drums) worked with Producer Kris Crummett (Issues, Crown The Empire) to put their best foot forward in distinguishing their place in the Metal scene. 

Those who were in the know may recall The Lovers/The Devil caused quite a bit of commotion upon its release in 2015, garnering Sworn In many words of encouragement and praise. Now, with All Smiles, the band bring something heavy, harsh, and sadisticly maniacal. 

Having a song that is difficult to categorize, the band has a Punk Rock edge but oozes originality among other Metalcore acts. With 11 new tracks in hand, electrifying drumming starts off All Smiles on the opening track “Make it Hurt.” Going deeper, Dennen hits it hard while the guitar riffs make the song worthy of consistent headbanging. Ending abruptly, next comes “Don’t Look At Me” as Denne brings it down a notch, showing his vocal skills have progressed remarkably.

Taking the listener into a daze, “HellUPutMeThu” is heavy, yet melodic. Matched with a catchy chorus, it is easy to feel the rage and angst in the words. Thereafter, “The Smiling Knife” is a thrilling experience with backing rhythms and an intense feel, while the lyrics wail out, all up in your face. This is followed by the sirens of “Dread All” catching ears with its serenading beat, while layering a mix of heavy and soft vocal changes where the screams are enticing as well alluring, takes the audience into a courageous mindset. Changing it up, “Cry Baby” echoes as the vocals drop before the tone sets in. With plenty more in the well, Sworn In bring it with other tunes worth mentioning such as the gothic romance of “Closer To Me” in addition to the punishing, Industrial-like closing of “Cross My Heart.”  

Mixing up their style, Sworn In remain undefinable with their unique fusion of Punk Rock with a much bolder edge. All Smiles reveals what the band have been toying with behind the scenes, a sound much more refined and at ease than their previous works. Dark, brutal, and brash, yet melodic at times, All Smiles has a balanced touch which is guaranteed to have Metal, Emo, Screamo, and Hardcore fans’ ears yearning for more. Furthermore, this is perhaps their most refined effort to date and no doubt some of their best songwriting. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives All Smiles 5 out of 5 stars.




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