Sylvester Stallone – Legacy & The Importance of Family

Sylvester Stallone – Legacy & The Importance of Family


What really matters in life? Success, fame, and fortune? Some might say these are key ingredients in the pursuit of happiness. However, often the most understated, yet most important, is the family nucleus. Just ask iconic Actor/Filmmaker Sylvester Stallone and he will unwaveringly agree. 

Sylvester Stallone, also known by many simply as Sly, is one of the most successful, prolific actors of the past half century. Known for his lengthy résumé of starring roles through the decades, his career began with big aspirations, but not without struggles. Trying to find his place, some might say a turning point came with his part in the 1975 Sci-Fi flick Death Race 2000; which preceded his true rise to glory with the 1976’s award winning original film Rocky. Forever associated with the beloved character Rocky Balboa, Stallone not only created the underdog boxer, but also stood fast at portraying him on the silver screen. A sign of his artistic vision and fortitude… this ideology has not only defined him, but followed him his entire career. Parlaying it into bigger success, Stallone made Rocky into one of the most successful film franchises ever, all while paving the way for other legendary film series such as Rambo

Rocky / United Artists (1976)

Rocky IV / MGM/UA Entertainment Co. (1985)

Interestingly enough, if you look at the people who surrounded Stallone from the start, chances are you will see many of the same name. A long list of repeat collaborations, some of those include work with Dolph Lundgren, as well as Sly’s brother, Frank Stallone. In fact, Frank not only made appearances in the first three Rocky films, but he also contributed to each of the soundtracks. Furthermore, Frank wrote and performed the leading song, “Far from Over,” in Sly’s 1983 written/directed Saturday Night Fever sequel, Staying Alive.

Is this all just a coincidence, or is it a testament to Sly’s love and respect for family? Chances are it is the latter, because when asked about the importance of being with family, Sly without hesitation stated, “Well, it’s a lesson that should be learned early on. I now feel that’s by far the most necessary ingredient for peace of mind, happiness, and for the validation of your family.

The words of a man who clearly earned wisdom through years of life, he is now taking the bold step to bring his family together even more in new Paramount+ docuseries The Family Stallone. Premiering on May 17th, some might say it is reality TV, but in truth, it is more of a docuseries that gives audiences a chance to take a glimpse into the life of Sly and his family.

Starring himself, his wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone, along with his three daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet, the series proves that old world family values unified with modern life is not impossible. In reflecting on being with his wife and children, Sly said, “I feel like the more time I can spend with them at this particular junction of my life is the most valuable asset that I could ever have.

A statement that puts any questioning aside as to why Sly would decide to do The Family Stallone at this juncture in his life, it is clear it is about the seasoned star’s desire to connect with his family. You see, when you are constantly involved in both movie and television productions, you are seldom home, and often away for months at a time. This can be tough on anyone, especially someone who dearly misses their family. You miss the little things; such as talking about your day over a meal, learning about what is troubling your family, and so much more. Conscious of acknowledging all these little things, Sly says, “I’m just working very hard to cultivate that and watch it bloom into something bigger than I imagined. I’m just loving it all.

First Blood / Orion Pictures (1982)

Tulsa King / Paramount+ Original (2023)

A heartfelt expression, it should also be recognized that Sly is not the only talent in his family, because he has four remarkable ladies aside him. You have his wife Jennifer, a strong-willed mother and business owner, plus his daughters, Sistine who is a rising actress, Sophia who is an aspiring model, and Scarlett who is also a passionate, young actress. So, what better way to help your family potentially make further strides with their own careers, plus spend time with them than within a collaborative television series? It is truly a no-brainer, because there is no time better than the present to be with the ones who matter most. 

Now months away from his 77th birthday, Sly continues to balance family and longevity within the world of entertainment. This is evident with the success of Paramount+ original series Tulsa King (set to prepare for season 2), a recent role in popular film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, plus the buzz around a projected Fall 2023 release of a fourth Expendables film, Expend4bles. Exciting times for Sly and his family, again, the most valuable currency they have together is time. Perhaps this is a reminder to all of what is really important, because when it is all said and done, whatever the media is chirping about or what is trending on social media, matters not.

Sly can attest to that, because looking at his journey to this point, he said, “At the very end of your life you can say – At least I finished strong and I did the right thing. Well said, he took it a step further, adding,More valuable than obviously money, gold, or anything… is the love of your family.” Genuine and inspiring, it proves that what truly matters most in life is the love, respect and devotion of your family. After all, if you have them, like Sly Stallone, you will be by far the richest person in the world.

The Family Stallone / Paramount+ Original (2023)

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