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Game of Death (Movie Review)

There have been a few films that have tried to piece together what martial arts legend Bruce Lee had intended for his film project Game of Death before his sudden passing in 1973. Not to cause any confusion, the modern Horror film by the same ... Read More

Interview – Simeon Willis

A man of many talents, Simeon Willis is an actor who also has a passionate interest behind-the-camera. Known for his work in 2015’s Narcopolis, 2016’s The Gatehouse, and 2017’s The Rizen, along with roles in such series as Hetty Feather and Mr Selfridge, Willis has ... Read More

Valentine: The Dark Avenger (Movie Review)

After 20 years of the modern superhero boom, superheroines have finally hit the upswing. There was 2004’s Catwoman and 2005’s Elektra which got the cold shoulder from audiences and critics, but they also led to female crimefighters unfairly getting the boot from studios themselves. However, ... Read More

13 Demons (Movie Review)

“If they will play fair then I will play fair, but if they won’t then I reserve all of my rights to do anything I find myself able to do.” – William Howard Taft Is it just a game? If that is the case, then ... Read More

The Midnight Man (Movie Review)

Is your marriage worth your pinkie toe? How about your two front teeth? If you can spell true love with your mutilated body parts, then knock three times for The Midnight Man, a bizarre blend of Comedy, Horror, and Thriller from the folks at ITN ... Read More