2018 film

Radium Girls (Movie Review)

A film that took a while to get a release, Radium Girls turned up at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018, then continued on the festival circuit for another year, popping up at the Women’s Film Festival and Florida Film Festival in 2019. Set for ... Read More

WrestleMassacre (Movie Review)

Joining 2006’s Wrestlemaniac and 2014’s Pro-Wrestlers Vs Zombies in the odd wrestling Horror genre comes WrestleMassacre. It originally cropped up for special screenings back in 2018, but it will now be available for all to see on DVD and digital platforms on Tuesday, June 16, ... Read More

A Ghost in Her Eyes (Movie Review)

It might take more than eyewash to get them out. A Ghost in Her Eyes made its debut at the Mystic Film Festival on October 21st, 2018, before appearing at the Reel East Texas Film Festival a month later, and is currently set for a ... Read More

The Dark Military (Movie Review)

Ever seen 1987’s The Running Man? Or 2002’s Battle Royale? Perhaps even 2007’s The Condemned and its 2015 sequel? Loren W. Lepre (Pennsylvania Hardcore 2014, Death House 2018) might have, as his feature-length film debut as writer and director, The Dark Military, shares a few similarities. ... Read More

Mandao of the Dead (Movie Review)

Two things; is Mandao of the Dead another zombie film? The title makes it sound like one, given it is a riff on George Romero’s work. Also, what is a ‘Mandao’? Mandao (‘man-dey-oh’) is the surname of this film’s hero: Jay Mandao, played by Writer, ... Read More

Restraint (Movie Review)

In the almighty words of Henry David Thoreau, “If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man.” Consider this for a moment, and then delve into the deepest channels of human psychology with Restraint, which arrived to DVD in ... Read More