2018 Horror movie

The Dark Military (Movie Review)

Ever seen 1987’s The Running Man? Or 2002’s Battle Royale? Perhaps even 2007’s The Condemned and its 2015 sequel? Loren W. Lepre (Pennsylvania Hardcore 2014, Death House 2018) might have, as his feature-length film debut as writer and director, The Dark Military, shares a few similarities. ... Read More

Elves (Movie Review)

Christmas season is thought to be full of sparkles, lights, and joy. It is thought to be the happiest time of the year. What the world has forgotten are the ancient evils that are attached to the most wonderful time of the year. If its ... Read More

Scarecrows (Movie Review)

Set for VOD release through Uncork’d Entertainment on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, Scarecrows opens on what may be the worst farmer in the world. He is erecting a scarecrow, but it is not frightening any birds away; in fact, the crows are flocking to it ... Read More

Anna and the Apocalypse (Movie Review)

The age old saying is ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,’ and it’s true, but that phrase also works in when referencing film as well. When presented with the idea of a Christmas themed zombie musical, one might jump to the wildest conclusions ... Read More

Lasso (Movie Review)

Senior citizens have to stay active in order to keep their health. A day at the rodeo. What could be more entertaining and wholesome than that? What if the rodeo in question is run by a band of killers just waiting to capture their prey ... Read More