2018 Sci-Fi movie

Solis (Movie Review)

One day, space travel and working in space will be commonplace. No one will even bat an eye when a person tells that space is their workplace. Still, it is such a vast emptiness filled with terrifying obstacles that if the worst case scenario occurs, ... Read More

Silencio (Movie Review)

Life is linear. Birth. Years of life and then death. What if that was not entirely true? What if there are places on the earth that can create paths to different realities? The Zone of Silence in Mexico is compared to the Bermuda Triangle since ... Read More

Ready Player One (Movie Review)

Esteemed Director Terrence Malick once said, “Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything.” People forever yearn to go back to things that gave them a saccharine surge of dopamine and made them laugh until their sides hurt or made them clutch the ... Read More