2019 film

Create Your Killer (Short Movie Review)

From the mind of Producer, Director, Writer and Actress Sarah Giercksky comes the brand new Horror Short Create Your Killer. A new project, Bloody Fierce Productions premiered the short on Saturday, December 7, 2019.  VHS and video games are at the heart of Create Your ... Read More

Interview – Jackson Rathbone

Sometimes when actors get a big break early in their careers, they immediately allow themselves to be pigeonholed into endless similar roles within that genre. But Jackson Rathbone, he doesn’t play that way! After taking on the role of Jasper Hale in the blockbuster Twilight ... Read More

Crypsis (Movie Review)

A bet between friends that leads to an overnight camping trip goes horribly awry in Crypsis. Uncork’d Entertainment deliver the new Horror offering to DVD and On Demand on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019. At a local bar, six friends meet up to place a wager ... Read More

Invasion Planet Earth (Movie Review)

Remember Boyhood? The 2014 film by Richard Linklater that had people going on about how it took 12 years to shoot? How about one that has (technically) been in production for nearly 20 years? Simon Cox (Hanging Out With 9 Dead Gay Guys 2004) started ... Read More

Blood Bags (Movie Review)

Blood is thicker than water in the new Italian Horror offering Blood Bags. High Octane Pictures deliver the film to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Hoping to perfect her craft by studying overseas, passionate photographer Tracy (Makenna Guyler: King of Crime 2018, ... Read More