2019 Horror movie

Black Christmas (Movie Review)

In 1974 Bob Clark, future director of 1983’s beloved A Christmas Story, tackled a different kind of holiday favorite. A little exploitation movie called Black Christmas. Now to say this film is a masterpiece would be a huge overstatement as most could not say that ... Read More

In Fabric (Movie Review)

When you see the award winning Ben Wheatley in the opening credits of a film serving as executive producer you know you are in for something unique. That said, from acclaimed Horror Director Peter Strickland, the singular auteur behind the sumptuous sadomasochistic romance of 2014’s ... Read More

Holiday Hell (Movie Review)

Holiday Hell is the newest addition on the list of yuletide-horror from Uncork’d Entertainment to hit Digital and DVD back on November 5, 2019. Just in time for the holiday season, Holiday Hell is an amusing deviant from the hoard of Hallmark and Lifetime movies ... Read More

Door In The Woods (Movie Review)

On Friday, October 29th Wild Eye Releasing added yet another film to their ever-growing catalogue of Horror/Thrillers with Door In The Woods.  A Supernatural flick from Writer/Director Billy Chase Goforth (25 2010, I’m OK 2017), it centers around a married couple, Evelyn (Jennifer Pierce Mathus: ... Read More

Doctor Sleep (Movie Review)

In film, a sequel can sometimes have quite a challenge to live up to when the original deserves a standing ovation. In the case of the new film Doctor Sleep, directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus 2013, Hush 2016), the aforementioned dilemma is presented as is ... Read More