Invasion Planet Earth (Movie Review)

Remember Boyhood? The 2014 film by Richard Linklater that had people going on about how it took 12 years to shoot? How about one that has (technically) been in production for nearly 20 years? Simon Cox (Hanging Out With 9 Dead Gay Guys 2004) started ... Read More

5 Galaxies (Movie Review)

There is nothing like cozying up next to a roaring fireplace with a nice drink and settling into the season with, um, a Sci-Fi film? Scratch that, make that a bunch of short Sci-Fi films. Available on DVD and Digital Tuesday, December 10th from Uncork’d ... Read More

Automation (Movie Review)

Technology only lasts for so long before it is made obsolete. Nintendo 64 games do not look as hot now as they did in 1999. VHS tapes are grungy and murky compared to DVDs, Blu-Ray, and streaming services. While word processors, let alone computers and ... Read More