Without Remorse (Movie Review)

Almost 30 years after its release, the Tom Clancy novel Without Remorse finally gets adapted for the big screen…kind of. The likes of Keanu Reeves and Tom Hardy had been attached to the project over the years, but in 2018 Paramount Studios put Michael B. ... Read More

Battle Royale – The 20 Year Reign

Generational divides have likely been a thing since the Stone Age, though it has seemed particularly pronounced in the past decade or so. Boomers complaining about millennials, millennials complaining about boomers, boomers confusing zoomers for millennials, and Gen Xers wondering why their grandkids are called ... Read More

Radium Girls (Movie Review)

A film that took a while to get a release, Radium Girls turned up at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018, then continued on the festival circuit for another year, popping up at the Women’s Film Festival and Florida Film Festival in 2019. Set for ... Read More

Bon Jovi – 2020 (Album Review)

The year 2020 has been one no one will soon forget. Marred by a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, and a complete disconnect of communication among people, it seems as if many of us are at our breaking point. Fortunately there is music to get us ... Read More