2022 EP

Bayside – The Red EP (EP Review)

Emo tends to be a misnomer that is used to either promote or degrade a band, depending upon the user’s opinion of that term. While it’s wholly unfair to boil an artist’s entire oeuvre of material down to one adjective, in the case of Bayside, ... Read More

Sicksense – Kings Today (EP Review)

For the past decade, there have been whispers of a Nu Metal resurgence. Sure, some of Rock and Metal’s most recent additions have obvious influences—with KoЯn as the godfathers of that particular black parade—but few have chosen to fully align themselves with the genre. However, ... Read More

MONO – Scarlet Holliday (EP Review)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the musical masterminds in Japan’s MONO felt compelled to offer a special gift of sonic serenity to their fans for the 2020 holiday season. Released digitally, “Scarlet Holliday” and “First Winter” were intended to stoke a flame of ... Read More