2023 film

Biosphere (Movie Review)

What happens when the last two people responsible for saving what’s left of humanity cannot agree over what the deal is with the Mario Bros.? They get Biosphere, a comedy drama with an apocalyptic twist. After nearly all human life is wiped out, the only ... Read More

Tales from the Apocalypse (Movie Review)

Uncork’d Entertainment has compared their newly released Sci-Fi anthology Tales from the Apocalypse to 1982’s Creepshow which is arguably the best example of a compilation movie. It is big praise, though off the bat it is more comparable to Uncork’d Entertainment’s earlier release 5 Galaxies in ... Read More

Sapiosexual (Movie Review)

There are weirder movie titles than Sapiosexual, though that does not make it any less curious. In general, it means someone who is sexually attracted to smart people. But in practice, it is usually used by someone who likes people who seem smart yet make ... Read More

Killer Kites (Movie Review)

There have been killer cars, killer tomatoes, killer donuts… so why not Killer Kites? Directed by Paul Dale (Silent But Deadly 2017, Sewer Gators 2022) and Austin Frosch (Warren 2013, Coup de Grâce 2023), their movie about murderous flying toys was initially planned for a ... Read More

The Ghosts of Monday (Movie Review)

A haunted hotel with a macabre past? Check. A cast of characters who are pre-loaded with tension in their blood? Check. Paranormal activity linked to a potential curse? Indeed! It’s all lurking inside the walls of The Ghosts of Monday, a new Horror-Thriller that arrived ... Read More