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Deathdream 1974 movie poster

Deathdream (4K Edition Review)

There are many conflicting opinions of the United States of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. A conflict that lasted nearly 20 years, the US entered the Southeast Asia region with ground troops beginning in 1965, and over the course of 8 years into 1973, ... Read More
Impulse (1974) / Grindhouse Releasing

Impulse (Two-Disc Blu-Ray Review)

While the ‘80s may very well have been the golden era of Horror, the ‘70s should not be overlooked. A decade which brought you some iconic Horror films – including The Exorcist in 1973, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974, plus Dawn of the Dead and Halloween in 1978 – there were also ... Read More
Burnt offerings cover art.

Burnt Offerings (Blu-ray Edition Review)

Studying ‘70s Horror cinema, the intent was almost to first create an atmosphere above anything else.  This was exemplified in different ways by more well-known features such as 1973’s The Exorcist and 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but equally as effective in some lesser-known titles such as 1977’s The ... Read More