90s Rock

Sponge Planet Girls artwork

Sponge – Planet Girls (Album Review)

Detroit has affectionately been known as Rock City for decades now thanks to the slew of artists that originated from the area. Of course there was the impact of Motown Records, but moving forward into the ‘70s artists such as Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, and ... Read More
Pearl Jam - Dark Matter album

Pearl Jam – Dark Matter (Album Review)

A vital part of the Alternative Rock scene during the 1990s, Pearl Jam has arguably been the most prolific of any bands from that period in the years to follow. Amusingly enough, initially calling themselves Mookie Blaylock (a name which they used while opening for ... Read More
The Defiants - Drive art

The Defiants – Drive (Album Review)

Everyone loves the classic lineups of their favorite bands, but there are also instances where other formations of these bands also strike your fancy. One instance of this is Danger Danger. Remembered for their success in the late ‘80s, Danger Danger struck the Hard Rock ... Read More