Master of Dark Shadows (Documentary Review)

Soap Operas can come in many shapes and sizes and differ from culture to culture. British ones like Eastenders or Coronation Street will try to take themselves seriously for a few weeks before going back to the cheese. While Telemundo telenovelas boil down Soaps to ... Read More

Interview – Amanda Fuller

Attracted to the entertainment world since she was a child, Amanda Fuller has spent most of her life chasing dreams. Making those dreams a reality, she has built a diverse résumé in film and television, all while bringing equally strong, unique performances each time out. ... Read More

Interview – Robbie Kay

Often when you least expect it, something special comes out of unforeseen situations we find ourselves in. For Robbie Kay, at only 9 years old, he came across a notice on a school board seeking an English-speaking children to be extras in a film. Inevitably ... Read More