Caged (Movie Review)

Over 80,000 Americans are currently serving time in solitary confinement, each with their own unique story. A new Psychological Thriller entitled Caged, starring the exceptional Edi Gathegi, is the tale of one of these (fictitious) prisoners as he faces a life sentence for murder. Shout! ... Read More

Papa Roach Celebrates 20 Years of Infest

The year is 2000—insert Conan O’Brien caterwauling “In the year 2000” right here. The Billboard charts were being dominated by the likes of Destiny’s Child, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, OutKast, and Eminem. Patchwork jeans and velour tracksuits were hot (no joke!), along with Von Dutch trucker ... Read More

Do Not Reply (Movie Review)

Jackson Rathbone gets evil in the new social media themed Horror jaunt Do Not Reply. Iron Compass Entertainment will present the film for a one night only screening in New York at the New York City Horror Film Fest on Friday, December 6, 2019. Fans ... Read More

Empathy Inc (Movie Review)

The Nineties ended long ago, yet the appeal of virtual reality lives on. The likes of Oculus Rift, PS VR and VIVE let people play the kind of VR games people could only dream about back in the past. Even beyond the machines themselves, there ... Read More

Artik (Movie Review)

Tom Botchi made his name directing short films like the award-winning 11 Minutes from 2014. Now he is making his feature-length debut with Artik, a film he has been quite hands-on with. On top of directing, he is also credited as producer, writer, and editor ... Read More

Is That You? (Movie Review)

When her father goes missing, a young girl will stop at nothing to find him in Is That You?, a new Psychological Horror offering. Quite possibly the first Horror film made in Cuba, Breaking Glass Pictures delivers the film to VOD and DVD on Tuesday, ... Read More