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The Exorcist 4K art

The Exorcist (4K Ultra HD Review)

Without reservation, The Exorcist is one of the scariest films of all-time. Originally released on December 26th of 1973, the film’s success is attributed to the award-winning direction of William Friedkin and flawless writing of William Peter Blatty. Blatty, who wrote the 1971 novel of the same ... Read More

Interview – Talia Shire

Some look at a job as merely such. Then there are others who put all of themselves into their work. Coming from an artistic family, Talia Shire is an actress who revels in the challenge of creating a character and engulfing herself in its metamorphosis. ... Read More

Avatar 10 Years Later

Some projects earn a sort of fame from staying in development purgatory. For example, the Science Fiction blockbuster Avatar spent approximately 15 years in the works from an 80-page treatment by Writer/Director/Producer James Cameron in 1994 to its eventual 2009 release. Once the film finally ... Read More

Interview – Marco Beltrami

A scene in a film can capture an emotion, grab hold of its audience, and leave an impression that could last a lifetime. Although, take away the backing music/soundtrack, the effect is lost, and hence it can all fall flat. Well aware of the vital ... Read More