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Interview – Simeon Willis

A man of many talents, Simeon Willis is an actor who also has a passionate interest behind-the-camera. Known for his work in 2015’s Narcopolis, 2016’s The Gatehouse, and 2017’s The Rizen, along with roles in such series as Hetty Feather and Mr Selfridge, Willis has ... Read More

Interview – Nicole Brydon Bloom

Some actresses spend their entire careers searching for that one special role in that one bold film that truly makes a statement. Not Nicole Brydon Bloom. Entering into television and film after an early career in community theater, Bloom has already been featured in such ... Read More

Interview – Addy Miller

At 20 years old, Actress Addy Miller has spent more than half her life in entertainment. Making her splash onto TV sets across America, a decade ago, as the “Teddy Bear Girl Walker” in the massive hit-series The Walking Dead, Miller would go on to ... Read More