Actor interview

Jon Voight in 2024

Interview – Jon Voight

One of the most recognized actors to appear on the silver screen over the last six decades, Jon Voight is someone who takes nothing for granted. A student of theater, his distinctive portrayals have shone bright throughout his career; from his earlier days with iconic ... Read More
Ernie Hudson photo 2023

Interview – Ernie Hudson

With a career that has extended well over four decades, Ernie Hudson is one of the most recognized faces in all of film and television. Working class, Hudson has been here, there, and everywhere throughout the years. First recognized for early roles such as in ... Read More

Interview – Jane Widdop

Working professionally since a young age, Jane Widdop is a talented actor with a bright future. Early on known for roles in such things as Amazon Prime’s The Kicks series, Widdop would go onto a list of roles in various sitcoms and films before landing ... Read More

Interview – Chad L. Coleman

Rather than flare in and out like some actors in film, Chad L. Coleman has burnt a steady flame well over two decades now. Earning attention for his role in the hit HBO series The Wire, Coleman would go onto a list of big roles ... Read More

Interview – Marque Richardson

Wisdom… it is something we all hopefully earn as we grow. A progression that never ceases at any point in life, Marque Richardson continues to find new purpose with each passing day. Most easily recognized from his outstanding performance as Reggie Green first in 2014 ... Read More

Interview – Garrett Hedlund

Continuing to grow as an individual and an actor, Garrett Hedlund in many ways is still scratching the surface of his potential. Beginning his professional acting career in his late teens, Hedlund found himself landing roles in big Hollywood films including 2004’s Troy, 2005’s Four ... Read More