Adam Egypt Mortimer

Archenemy (Movie Review)

Joe Manganiello stars as the cosmic crusader Max Fist in Archenemy, which arrived in theaters, as well as On Demand, as of Friday, December 11, 2020 thanks to RLJE Films. Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate 2015, Daniel Isn’t Real 2019), who ... Read More

Daniel Isn’t Real (Movie Review)

Remember that hilariously uneven Fantasy/Comedy Drop Dead Fred from 1991? Well now close your eyes and picture the same movie only through the eyes of David Cronenberg. Fun, right? Indie Director Adam Egypt Mortimer follows up his 2015 death wave gem Some Kind of Hate ... Read More

Some Kind of Hate (Movie Review)

One might think they would have all of the answers if they were ever a teenager in a bullying situation – fight back, tell someone, ignore it all. One might even think that they would never find themselves in that situation because they do not fit ... Read More