Railway Children (Movie Review)

Actor Bernard Cribbins is better known as Donna Noble’s grandfather in the Doctor Who series. Some might even recognize his first stint with the Timelord in 1966’s Daleks- Invasion Earth 2150 or singing the song that gave 1990s one-hit wonders Right Said Fred their name. But within the ... Read More

Art of Love (Movie Review)

Originally, the Puerto Rican film Art of Love was called Simone, as per the Eduardo Lalo novel it was based on. It still goes by that title in most countries worldwide. But, for a few, it was changed to Art of Love; possibly to avoid ... Read More

12 Angry Men: 65 Years In The Jury

Viewed by many as one of the greatest films of all time, 12 Angry Men is a humble courtroom drama that spends most of its 96-min runtime in one room. Most of the cast are more famous for their TV roles (The Twilight Zone! Star ... Read More

Ambulance (Movie Review)

Michael Bay (Bad Boyz 1995, Transformers 2007) is back, and he is going all classy with an adaptation of a European film. The 2005 Danish film Ambulancen by Lauritis Munch-Petersen (The Dolphin 2017) and Lars Andreas Petersen (Below the Belt 2006) to be precise. Only ... Read More

Uncharted (Movie Review)

Uncharted! It was the reason to fork out $599 on a PS3 back in 2007. Then Naughty Dog’s game got sequels that generally improved on its formula of pirate-shooting, treasure-grabbing and tomb raiding. Its cinematic set pieces, direction and often charming writing made it a ... Read More

Death on the Nile (Movie Review)

If anyone thought 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express was the last people would see of Kenneth Branagh (Wild Wild West 1999, Thor 2011) as Hercule Poirot, then, uh, woops? Just like in the 1970s, Death on the Nile follows its train-based predecessor, shifting the ... Read More