Mickey and the Bear (Movie Review)

One might hope Mickey and the Bear would be another animal adventure like Mia and the White Lion, or a Mickey Mouse/Winnie the Pooh crossover for Disney+. Instead, it is an allegory for a family drama due out in US theaters everywhere Friday, November 29, ... Read More

Loud Krazy Love (Documentary Review)

Two-time Grammy Award-winner Brian “Head” Welch of Korn knows something about unconditional love. In a remarkably touching, true tale of devotion, the musician teaches us all a little something about Loud Krazy Love. Produced by I Am Second Media and Ditore Mayo Entertainment, the award-winning ... Read More

Junkie Heaven (Movie Review)

When a junkie dies, where do they go? What does their version of “Heaven” and “Hell” really look like? Is Heaven a place filled with junkie friends, an endless supply of drugs, and the guarantee of never overdosing; or is it the addict’s desire to ... Read More

Tom Chaplin – The Wave (Album Review)

No stranger to the music scene, as the frontman of British Alternative band Keane, Tom Chaplin knows a thing or two about writing and recording hits. A talented songwriter and vocalist, Chaplin’s work with Keane has earned the group five #1 albums over the past nine ... Read More