amaranthe the catalyst album art

Amaranthe – The Catalyst (Album Review)

Over the last decade, few modern Metal acts have achieved the success of Sweden’s Amaranthe. Not an overnight success, it has been a steady build to the top for the band; first attracting audiences with their 2011 self-titled debut, leading to an explosion of international ... Read More

Amaranthe – Manifest (Album Review)

All across the globe 2020 has presented a series of nearly endless challenges. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, one band is asking their listeners to stop and consider what kind of energy they are manifesting into the world. As massively addictive as ever, the Swedish ... Read More

Deftones – Ohms (Album Review)

Over the last three decades there is no question that Deftones have been one of the most unique bands to emerge onto the Alternative Metal scene. First they made an impact with the raw energy of 1995’s Adrenaline, then they solidified themselves with 1997’s Around ... Read More