Sasquatch Street movie art

Sasquatch Sunset (Movie Review)

Released in theaters widely across the USA on April 19, 2024, as Sasquatch Sunset begins, it could almost be mistaken for a nature documentary; as the audience sees an expansive picturesque forest and then there are the unmistakable sounds of animals. But this is certainly ... Read More
Alice in Terrorland/ (2024) High Fliers Films

Alice in Terrorland (Movie Review)

Based on the Lewis Carrols’ 1865 epic adventure Alice in Wonderland comes a reimagining made for Horror fans everywhere, Alice in Terrorland. Written and directed by independent Filmmaker Richard John Taylor (Vengeance 2020, The Huntress of Auschwitz 2022), Alice in Terrorland arrived for streaming digitally and available for purchase ... Read More

Uncharted (Movie Review)

Uncharted! It was the reason to fork out $599 on a PS3 back in 2007. Then Naughty Dog’s game got sequels that generally improved on its formula of pirate-shooting, treasure-grabbing and tomb raiding. Its cinematic set pieces, direction and often charming writing made it a ... Read More

Bigfoot Famous (Movie Review)

Andy Warhol’s famous saying “in the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes” has never been more relevant than in today’s tech-obsessed society. Instead of being lucky enough to be chosen for a reality show – now anyone at anytime can upload content ... Read More

Jungle Cruise (Movie Review)

Blockbusters are finally back! On July 30th, Disney releases Jungle Cruise in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access. Dwayne Johnson (Walking Tall 2004, Moana 2016), Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow 2014, A Quiet Place 2018), Jack Whitehall (Mother’s Day 2016, Good Omens series), and Jesse ... Read More