Film School Africa (Documentary Review)

People can name any Hollywood classic off the top of their heads. Some may even know Asian cinema through the works of Kurosawa, Wong Kar-Wai, or the Bollywood scene. But mention African cinema and the results will likely get more obscure; maybe a mention of ... Read More

The Tokoloshe (Movie Review)

Almost every culture on Earth has a small but malevolent creature hopping about in its folklore. America and the UK have gremlins, Japan has the kappa, and South Africa has the tokoloshe. It is said they bite the toes off sleeping people, or outright kill ... Read More

Santana – Africa Speaks (Album Review)

Pioneering a fusion of Rock-n-Roll and Latin American Jazz, Carlos Santana is a man that does not need much of an introduction. Becoming a living legend, working for over 5 decades with a unique sound that features his melodic, Blues-based guitar style against Latin and ... Read More

Mia and the White Lion (Movie Review)

Who could hate a friendly lion? If anything, there are people online who like them too much. Lion-fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to big cat stories. There are films about real ones, 1966’s Born Free 1966, animated ones, 1994’s The Lion King, ... Read More

Interview – FATi

The power of love is undeniable, and what better way to express the emotion than through music. Liberian born Vocalist FATi has this positive approach to her own music, and now she looks to spread it across the USA. With her single “L.O.V.E.” spun on ... Read More