After Forever

Floor Jansen – Paragon (Album Review)

The name Floor Jansen is one that has been known and respected among many underground Metal fans for over two decades. Initially the vocalist for Gothic Metal band After Forever, she would also work with the Progressive Metal act Star One, form the band ReVamp ... Read More

Nightwish – HUMAN. :II: NATURE. (Album Review)

When making a list of the most important Symphonic Metal bands ever, it is debatable who’s the leader, but you could make an argument for Nightwish. With their combination of carefully constructed arrangements, epic instrumentation, balanced yet passionate vocals, and compelling lyrical themes, Nightwish is ... Read More

Interview – Hendrik Jan de Jong of Nemesea

First coming together back in 2002, the Netherlands’ Nemesea has sustained their share of trials and tribulations. Initially a Symphonic Gothic Metal styled band with the release of Mana in 2004, they would soon shape shift to something different with subsequential albums such as 2007’s ... Read More

Northward – Northward (Album Review)

Floor Jansen and Jørn Viggo Lofstad. These two masterminds have recently combined forces to finish a Hard Rock trek together, a journey that they began a decade ago and have entitled Northward. The duo’s debut album, the eponymous Northward, arrives on Friday, October 19, 2018, ... Read More