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Susperia – The Lyricist (Album Review)

With a roster of members whose résumés include a list of well-known outfits, Susperia have ironically enjoyed a long, stable lineup and existence. Rising from the ashes of side project Seven Sins, Bassist Memnock (previously of Old Man’s Child), Drummer Tjoldav (having departed Dimmu Borgir), ... Read More

Interview – Memnock of Susperia

The old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait,” and that could never be more true than with Susperia’s long overdue new album, The Lyricist. A Norwegian Metal act with roots dating back two decades, Susperia would become a highly respected band in ... Read More

Ragnarok – Psychopathology (Album Review)

In Disney films, flutes are used to illustrate songbirds; delicate creatures with an affinity for showing affection and an inclination towards the kind of helpfulness that might assist with daily chores. In a similar manner, Black Metal band Ragnarok’s latest album, Psychopathology, could be used to ... Read More