Amy Seimetz

Archenemy (Movie Review)

Joe Manganiello stars as the cosmic crusader Max Fist in Archenemy, which arrived in theaters, as well as On Demand, as of Friday, December 11, 2020 thanks to RLJE Films. Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate 2015, Daniel Isn’t Real 2019), who ... Read More

Wild Nights With Emily (Movie Review)

Emily Dickinson. Was she an awkward, unloved recluse who was afraid to publish her work or a brilliant mind ahead of her time who defied societal norms and loved passionately? Based off Dickinson’s personal correspondence, comedienne Molly Shannon stars in the brand-new Historical Comedy offering ... Read More

Pet Sematary (Movie Review)

For better or for worse, the past always seems to return, haunting the mind’s of the present at the most unexpected moments. In the modern entertainment world, there are more and more modern adaptations of older films coming up each day. Especially the case in ... Read More