Game of Death (Movie Review)

There have been a few films that have tried to piece together what martial arts legend Bruce Lee had intended for his film project Game of Death before his sudden passing in 1973. Not to cause any confusion, the modern Horror film by the same ... Read More

Frozen II (Movie Review)

Nearly six years have passed since Disney released their global smash hit Frozen in late 2013. An ice-covered musical fairy tale based on a beloved Hans Christian Andersen story, Frozen subverted typical tropes about love and featured some incredible female characters who have now become ... Read More

Toy Story 4 (Movie Review)

The wild and unpredictable world of animation has produced many memorable, visually stunting works of art. In the modern world, there are few artist groups who have undergone such a prosperous, bountiful transformation from the days of flip book animation to 3D CGI medium quite ... Read More

1 Billion Orgasms (Documentary Review)

Has Dr. Evil finally worked out a way to defeat Austin Powers once and for all? No, 1 Billion Orgasms is actually a Documentary. Directed by Brent Kinetz (Two Grey Hills 2001) in his feature-length debut, alongside Terence Mickey (See Memory 2016), it tells the story ... Read More

Meow Wolf: Origin Story (Documentary Review)

Based on the title alone, Meow Wolf: Origin Story sounds like it could be some ironic werewolf flick. Every night on a full moon, some unfortunate soul transforms into a werewolf with an identity complex, an alternate fursona, or an interest in Japanese anime. The ... Read More