Interview – Julie Nathanson

When you are chasing your dreams around a battle arena, life does not always have a bucket-load of free time to spare, but, my friends, that means that life is good! For Voice Actress Julie Nathanson, life is a daily adventure, full of colorful animation, ... Read More

Cars 3 (Movie Review)

The roaring crowds, heavy fuel fumes, and sleek vehicles packed with more horsepower than the Mongol hordes, race back to the big screen with Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios’ Cars 3. Released June 16, 2017, the third movie in the celebrated franchise sped to the top ... Read More

Minutes Past Midnight (Movie Review)

Gathering a list of noteworthy writers and directors, Minutes Past Midnight challenges as Horror anthology film of 2016. A bold opening statement, it consists of nine Horror stories depicted by directors such as Robert Boocheck (Horrific 2014, ABCs of Death 2 2014), Lee Cronin (Wilbo ... Read More