Antonio Banderas

The poster for cult killer.

Cult Killer (Movie Review)

What makes a good Mystery/Crime Drama flick? Of late, most in the genre utilize the whole ‘Who did it?’ scenario… which is not a bad thing. Yet, Director Jon Keeyes (American Nightmare 2002, Code Name Banshee 2022) steps away from the much loved scenario for ... Read More

Uncharted (Movie Review)

Uncharted! It was the reason to fork out $599 on a PS3 back in 2007. Then Naughty Dog’s game got sequels that generally improved on its formula of pirate-shooting, treasure-grabbing and tomb raiding. Its cinematic set pieces, direction and often charming writing made it a ... Read More

Dolittle (Movie Review)

January is an interesting time for movies. With the tumult of awards season in full swing, studios drop big-budget offerings that often fall flat. On Friday, January 17th, Universal Studios and Director Stephen Gaghan (Syriana 2005, Gold 2016) release Dolittle in an attempt at a ... Read More

Bullet Head (Movie Review)

Set for release in theaters and On Demand December 8, 2017 through Saban Films and Lionsgate, Paul Solet’s Bullet Head is a gritty, whip-smart Crime Thriller featuring an all-star cast. Intrigued yet? Well, Bullet Head includes Academy Award Winner Adrien Brody (The Pianist 2002, The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014), ... Read More

Interview – Paul Solet

Balance, it is important in every aspect of life. Difficult to achieve, if the right ingredients are distributed properly, magic ensues. Take Paul Solet’s new film Bullet Head as an example, a new Crime Drama featuring an all star cast that includes Antonio Banderas, Adrien ... Read More