Amaranthe – Manifest (Album Review)

All across the globe 2020 has presented a series of nearly endless challenges. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, one band is asking their listeners to stop and consider what kind of energy they are manifesting into the world. As massively addictive as ever, the Swedish ... Read More

Apocalyptica – Cell-O (Album Review)

It has been five long years since we have heard from Neo-Classical Metalheads Apocalyptica, but 2020 is set to deliver great things when Silver Lining Music issue Cell-O on Friday, January 10th. Considering that it has been nearly three decades since the Finnish band’s inception, ... Read More

Emigrate – A Million Degrees (Album Review)

Rammstein Guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe is the genius behind Emigrate, and he returns this Friday, November 30, 2018 via Spinefarm Records, with a truly eclectic collection entitled A Million Degrees. Buckle yourselves in! As a member of Rammstein, the music world’s most explosive live act, ... Read More

Interview – Eero Heinonen of The Rasmus

There is a certain upbeat melancholia that permeates the core of Dark Matters, the ninth studio album from Finland’s superb quartet The Rasmus. Of course, this dichotomy is not new to the band: they have been crafting delicious, dance-able Pop Rock that embraces a certain Scandinavian ... Read More