When Evil Lurks movie art

When Evil Lurks (Movie Review)

With all the mediocre, subpar Horror films roaming around these days, it is hard to believe that one can actually deliver something gold medal worthy. This is when When Evil Lurks comes around and beats that thought right out of your brain… literally.  Premiering at ... Read More

Terror 5 (Movie Review)

The world’s current and seemingly growing state of political and social unrest makes for quite the platform on which this film has made its own meaningful, mimetic stand against authority, power, and the egregious abuses of such. Much in the same way that Shock Horror ... Read More

She Wolf (Movie Review)

Out of Argentina, Tamae Garateguy is a bold female filmmaker who looks to push the envelop. That said, her 2013 film, She Wolf, originally titled Mujer lobo, is finally making its way to the North America region follow its release on DVD Tuesday, March 19, 2019 ... Read More

Luciferina (Movie Review)

It sounds like a spin-off too far from Vampirina, but there is nothing Disney-like going on here. Due out on November 20th on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD December 4th through Artsploitation Films, Luciferina is an occult Horror flick from Argentina. As such, one can expect ... Read More