Ari Lehman

The Lurker (Movie Review)

Horror icon Scout-Taylor Compton stars in the high school slasher The Lurker. Indican Pictures delivers the Horror-Thriller to Digital and DVD on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020. Popular and talented actress Taylor (Taylor-Compton: Halloween 2007, Feral 2017) lands the role of Juliet in her high school’s ... Read More

Easter Sunday (Movie Review)

When most people think of Easter, it includes fluffy bunnies, chocolate eggs, and excited children, while forgetting Easter’s origins are much darker. The latest Horror Comedy Easter Sunday reminds viewers of the terror Easter can bring. Written, directed, and starring Jeremy Todd Morehead as the main ... Read More

Friday The 13th – Still Frightening After 35 Years

By 1980, moviegoers already had a long fascination with Horror films and the macabre, going all the way back to the silent era with 1922’s Nosferatu. With the inception of the first Halloween film in 1978, the public was already terrified at the thought of twisted psychopathic killers,  so when Friday the 13th hit the screens on ... Read More