Enslaved – Heimdal (Album Review)

The wheels of creation keep turning for Bergen, Norway’s eclectic purveyors of Extreme Metal, the ever-evolving Enslaved. Released back on March 3, 2023 through Nuclear Blast, album number sixteen, Heimdal, continues a legacy growing since 1991 with its gnarled roots embedded in the old school Black ... Read More

Interview – Øystein Brun of Borknagar

Certain artists within the wide spectrum of Heavy Metal music endure because they refuse to change, while others endure because they refuse to stand still. Øystein Brun, the Founding Guitarist and creator of Bergen, Norway’s complex, massive, and magical Borknagar, most certainly resides amongst the latter group. From his origins in the ... Read More

Borknagar – True North (Album Review)

As we approach the twenty-fifth anniversary of their existence, Blackened Progressive innovators Borknagar prepare to release the eleventh studio album of their lengthy and groundbreaking career. On Friday, September 27th, 2019, via Century Media Records, the Norwegian collective will bestow True North upon a fan ... Read More

Helheim – Rignir (Album Review)

Helheim, borne from the cold, unforgiving climate of Bergen, Norway, and longtime weavers of dark tapestries, are set to release Rignir through hometown label Dark Essence on Friday, April 26. Founded in 1992, and releasing their debut, Jormundgand, three years later, the band has never ... Read More