Bill Moseley

Shed of the Dead (Movie Review)

A zombie apocalypse… one of the most ridiculous catastrophic events a person could ever hope to be ready for, but nonetheless, one which some geeks and nerds have presumably been preparing for their entire lives. The debates are endless, spanning from the ideal location to ... Read More

Cynthia (Movie Review)

A mother loves all of her children equally! Young Horror royalty Scout Taylor-Compton leads a cast of some of modern Horror’s greatest in the brand new Horror-Comedy Cynthia, which debuted on Digital and DVD Tuesday, September 18, 2018, thanks to the good folks at Indican ... Read More

Death House (Movie Review)

Unethical experimentation has long been practiced by various sectors of the American government and typically with grave consequences. Take, for example, the CIA’s interrogation and mind-control program MKULTRA; or the U.S. Public Health Service’s 40-year study of the progression of syphilis with their 1932 “Tuskegee ... Read More

Grindhouse Nightmares (Movie Review)

An ode to 1970s exploitation flicks and a collection of Horror vignettes, Grindhouse Nightmares – which was released in the UK in 2017 – arrives to DVD in the US on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, thanks Cinedigm.  Grindhouse Nightmares is an intriguing little offering, a ... Read More