Bob Clark

Deathdream 1974 movie poster

Deathdream (4K Edition Review)

There are many conflicting opinions of the United States of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. A conflict that lasted nearly 20 years, the US entered the Southeast Asia region with ground troops beginning in 1965, and over the course of 8 years into 1973, ... Read More

Black Christmas (Movie Review)

In 1974 Bob Clark, future director of 1983’s beloved A Christmas Story, tackled a different kind of holiday favorite. A little exploitation movie called Black Christmas. Now to say this film is a masterpiece would be a huge overstatement as most could not say that ... Read More

The Anatomy of a Remake: Black Christmas

Horror remakes tend to crop up all the time. Directors attempt to modernize classic films for a contemporary audience, and it is rare when those remakes make the same slash as their original. The same can be said of 2006’s Black Christmas, a Glen Morgan (Willard ... Read More