Rocky II – The 40-Year Contender

The Rocky series has endured from strength to strength. The original, the 1976 classic Rocky, made Sylvester Stallone a household name. Then, 1983’s Rocky III introduced future The A-Team star Mr. T and WWF star Hulk Hogan to the world. This was followed by 1985’s Rocky ... Read More

Tiger (Movie Review)

Imagine a world where personal religious beliefs can keep someone from pursuing their passions. It is sickening and unfortunate, but that world still exists in large pockets on this earth. Imagine the great risk and strength it must take to fight in order to keep ... Read More

Interview – Ben Milliken

There is just no telling where life will take you, follow your dreams and the possibilities are endless. Something everyone has probably heard at one point in their lives, Ben Milliken is living proof that, with hard work, dreams do come true. Raised on the ... Read More