Boyd Holbrook

The Cursed (Movie Review)

From curses to werewolves, bloodshed and a jump scare or two, released in theaters on February 18, 2022 through LD Entertainment, The Cursed is a film that bunches a lot of ideas into one. From its cliché ideas to its brilliant new ideas, this dark, ... Read More

The Predator (Movie Review)

The Predator franchise is one of several beloved Sci-Fi/Action series that have been in creative limbo for many years now. Not counting the Aliens vs Predator films, the last proper entry in the series was 2010’s Predators, which was met with mixed reviews and failed ... Read More

Logan (Movie Review)

In this day and age, it is extremely rare to witness one actor playing the same character for 17 years and 10 movies, but Hugh Jackman has done just that, becoming the essential portrayal of Marvel’s Wolverine. One of the most popular of the X-men characters, Wolverine ... Read More