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Marmalade poster

Marmalade (Movie Review)

Character Actor Keir O’Donnell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014, American Sniper 2014) takes on the classic film noir in his directorial feature debut Marmalade. Set for release through Brainstorm Media in theaters and On Demand February 9, 2024, Marmalade was also written ... Read More
The movie poster for T.I.M.

T.I.M. (Movie Review)

As we begin the year 2024, it also comes with plenty of new technologies; this includes everything from medical treatments to improvements in artificial intelligence. In fact, there have been plenty of films about the subject of A.I., including the 2001 masterpiece A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Now ... Read More
Raging Grace movie art

Raging Grace (Movie Review)

Inspired by his anger and infuriation at how migrants are treated in Britain, Writer/Director Paris Zarcilla explores the migrant experience in his debut feature Raging Grace. A Sociopolitical Thriller, the film was the winner of SXSW’s narrative grand jury award – the first ever British ... Read More

Bloodthirsty (Movie Review)

Hungry for success and bleeding for her art, an Indie vocalist must confront her past in Bloodthirsty, which arrives to select theaters, as well as On Demand, beginning Friday, April 23, 2021 thanks to Brainstorm Media. Written by Wendy Hill-Tout (The Perfect Man 1993, Marlene ... Read More

The Sinners (Movie Review)

Are you sick and tired of being daddy’s good little girl? Have you ever wanted to be naughty? Well, please remember that secrets are meant to be kept. As a stern reminder to keep your loose lips shut, Brainstorm Media delivers a new Teen Thriller ... Read More

Ravage (Movie Review)

Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Bruce Dern, and Robert Longstreet star in the new Horror-Thriller Ravage, which arrives to select theaters and VOD on Friday, August 21, 2020, via Brainstorm Media. Nature and wildlife photographer Harper Sykes (Dexter-Jones: Cecile on the Phone short 2017, Under the Silver Lake ... Read More