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Beware the Boogeyman / Breaking Glass Pictures (2024) art

Beware the Boogeyman (Movie Review)

Versions of the infamous Boogeyman have terrified the world for centuries, making it a long sought after, oft-used cinematic character/plot driver. Released on March 5, 2024 through Breaking Glass Pictures, Beware the Boogeyman looks to offer a different perspective to the usual creature feature. Co-written ... Read More
A poster for the movie scalper.

Scalper (Movie Review)

The word scalper conjures images of individuals who sell event tickets at astronomically inflated prices. However, another more sinister meaning is the gruesome severance of the human scalp as a symbolic trophy. Set for release on VOD January 16th through Breaking Glass Pictures, Scalper delves into the ... Read More

Holistay (Movie Review)

There is a new subgenre of Horror films in which unsuspecting people book an Airbnb and upon arrival find that there is something amiss with their booking. Planning and booking a holiday can be a pretty stressful endeavor anyway, so add in any type of ... Read More

Exit 0 (Movie Review)

With their relationship failing, a couple head to the shore for a getaway weekend that just might be their last in Exit 0. Breaking Glass Pictures delivers the new Thriller to DVD on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020. This road trip to the shore, away from ... Read More

Is That You? (Movie Review)

When her father goes missing, a young girl will stop at nothing to find him in Is That You?, a new Psychological Horror offering. Quite possibly the first Horror film made in Cuba, Breaking Glass Pictures delivers the film to VOD and DVD on Tuesday, ... Read More