Bruce Spence

Children of the Corn (Movie Review)

Master of Horror Stephen King’s novels and short stories are primed for television and film adaptations. His 1977 short story Children of the Corn inspired more films and series than any other King piece, with Writer-Director Kurt Wimmer’s (Equilibrium 2002, Ultraviolet 2006) Children of the ... Read More

The Dry (Movie Review)

In select theaters and on demand/digital Friday, May 21, 2021, The Dry is the latest feature from Australian Director Robert Connolly (Three Dollars 2005, Balibo 2009). Released through IFC Films, it based on a best-selling novel by Jane Harper and marks the return of Eric ... Read More

Occupation (Movie Review)

Humans can only survive on Earth. No matter the destruction or social chaos, this is home. Many take for granted how precious that is. What if Earth was invaded? What if suddenly the only place humans can survive is forcefully taken away? What will become ... Read More