Aliens, Clowns & Geeks (Movie Review)

Richard Elfman (Forbidden Zone 1980, Streets of Rage 1993) is back with a campy Sci-Fi Horror film that aims to top the ninja-pirate rivalry with aliens and clowns. In it, a down and out actor, Eddy Pine (Bodhi Elfman: Mercury Rising 1998, Collateral 2004) stumbles ... Read More

Eat Locals (Movie Review)

For those who cannot tell by the title alone, Eat Locals – the latest campy vampire flick from the good people at Evolution Pictures – is indeed a Horror Comedy tour de force. Premiering in the UK at The Prince Charles Cinema on August 26th, as ... Read More

Circus Kane (Movie Review)

Over twenty years ago, America fell in love with the adorable little Jonathan Lipnicki when he starred alongside Tom Cruise in the 1996 hit film Jerry Maguire. If you thought that you would never see the day that Lipnicki would be a grown man starring in ... Read More