Arcade Fire – WE (Album Review)

One of Canada’s well-revered musical treasures, Arcade Fire has always been in the forefront of Indie Rock, courtesy of its uniqueness, innovativeness, and cohesiveness–both on record and during live performances. The cryptic and quirky collective was formed in 2001, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its debut ... Read More

Turning Red (Movie Review)

Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red has certainly had more than its lead turning red, be it with anger, embarrassment, or even love. Those lucky enough to attend the Everyman Borough Yards screening and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) got to see it early on February 22nd, ... Read More

Danko Jones – Power Trio (Album Review)

Don’t look now, but Canada’s Danko Jones have 25 years of history in Rock-n-Roll under their belt. An impressive feat for any artist, the diverse Rock band celebrate their anniversary with their highly anticipated new album Power Trio out on Friday, August 27, 2021 via ... Read More

Interview – Grandson

There is a lot one can say about the year 2020. There have been conspiracies, there has been truth and lies. However, what really matters is free thought and the ability to remain optimistic in a highly uncertain time. For Canadian-American Singer-Songwriter Jordan Edward Benjamin, ... Read More