Two Heads Creek (Movie Review)

Everything in the Outback wants to kill you—even family! The UK/Australian Horror-Comedy Two Heads Creek arrives to VOD and On Demand on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020, via The Horror Collective. We open on decimated wieners and a graffiti-covered butcher shop. Here, after the death of ... Read More

Darlin’ (Movie Review)

Labeled as “the scariest man in America” by the acclaimed Master of Horror Stephen King, Jack Ketchum (the pen name for Dallas Mayr) is responsible for writing some of the most horrifically cruel and realistically violent fiction novels – many of which were later made ... Read More

Killer Campout (Movie Review)

Does this sound familiar? Two youth counselors take a group of troubled teens out to the woods to provide therapy and relaxation, only for them to be terrorized by a bloodthirsty, cannibal hermit. Granted, Jason did not usually eat people in the Friday the 13th films, ... Read More

No Solicitors (Movie Review)

When it comes to solicitors, Hunter S. Thompson said it best in his early 1960s novel, The Rum Diary, when he wrote, “I harbor a secret urge to whack a salesman in the face, crack his teeth, and put red bumps around his eyes.” With ... Read More