Cary Elwes

Blackberry (Movie Review)

In 2013, filmmaker Matt Johnson released his debut feature film entitled The Dirties. A found footage film which told the story of the effect of high school bullying, since then he has been involved in several projects. Leading us to his newest film, BlackBerry, which ... Read More

Black Christmas (Movie Review)

In 1974 Bob Clark, future director of 1983’s beloved A Christmas Story, tackled a different kind of holiday favorite. A little exploitation movie called Black Christmas. Now to say this film is a masterpiece would be a huge overstatement as most could not say that ... Read More

A Haunting in Cawdor (Movie Review)

Integrating classic stories within the modern world can be a tricky challenge. Written and directed by Phil Wurtzel (The Chameleon 2001, The Empty Crib 2015), A Haunting in Cawdor takes the challenge to task with a story that plays around Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With a cast led by ... Read More