Charlie Weber

The Painter 2024 movie art

The Painter (Movie Review)

Imagine someone who’s sense of hearing was so sensitive, if honed-in properly, it could track sounds of danger in far off distance better than any normal human ear. This is exactly the case in the new Action film The Painter. In select theaters on January 5, ... Read More

Coyote Lake (Movie Review)

In Texas, there is a remote lake on the US-Mexico border where hundreds of violent deaths and mysterious disappearances have occurred, possibly at the hands of the cartels. Most of these murders remain unsolved, that is, until now. The brand new Thriller Coyote Lake provides ... Read More

ExPatriot (Movie Review)

With a title like ExPatriot, it sounds like viewers could be in for a cheesy Action flick. In fact, it certainly looks that way from the official poster. Due out on DVD Tuesday, February 20, 2018, Monarch Home Entertainment presents a tale of clandestine operations, ... Read More